The table list the cranes with details of owner, location, and status. The details are as up to date as I can make them, but I cannot guarantee they are correct. The links will take you to further details on the cranes or their maker.

EL6002NEI-Clarke Chapman (Cowans Sheldon)60 Tonne Diesel1979 Kiwi Rail LtdWellingtonActive
EL6019NEI-Clarke Chapman (Cowans Sheldon)60 Tonne Diesel1979Kiwi Rail LtdWellington Stored Damaged
197EL1007Ransomes & Rapier Ltd 10 TonDiesel1943Weka Pass RailwayWaiparaActive
407EL423Jones4 TonDiesel1953W.Rietveld LtdDunedinStored
No.TMSMakerCapacityTypeYearOwner LocationStatus
120Jessop & Appleby Bros. 5 Ton Steam1904Steam Rail WanganuiWanganuiStored
124ELS1599Ransomes and Rapier Ltd15 TonSteam1943Silver Stream RailwayUpper HuttActive
142N.Z.R. (Hillside)5 Ton Steam1907Waimea Plains RailwayStored
200ELS4007Craven Bros. Ltd40 Ton Steam 1936Craven Preservation GroupPaekakarikiUnder restoration
224ELS1028Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd10 Ton Steam1936Glenbrook Vintage RailwayPukeowareActive
225ELS1043Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd10 Ton Steam1936Eric Burns (Bush Tramway Club)PukemiroUnder restoration
226ELS1015Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd10 Ton Steam1937TRACSTaumarunui Active
227ELS1030Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd10 Ton Steam1937Canterbury Railway SocietyFerrymead, ChristchurchStored
256ELS506Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd 7 Ton Steam1925Bush Tramway ClubPukemiroRestoration currently on hold
No.TMSMakerCapacityType>YearOwner LocationStatus
276Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd 5 Ton Hand1879Glenbrook Vintage RailwayGlenbrookStored
277Cowans Sheldon & Co. Ltd 5 Ton Hand1879Canterbury Railway SocietyFerrymead, ChristchurchActive
283Ransomes and Rapier Ltd 5 TonHand1874MoTaTWestern Springs, AucklandUnder restoration
287Ransomes and Rapier Ltd 5 TonHand1874Ocean Beach RailwayDunedinActive
291Grafton & Co3.5 TonHandc.1886Canterbury Railway SocietyFerrymead, ChristchurchUnder maintenance
293Ransomes and Rapier Ltd 5 TonHand1874Bush Tramway ClubPukemiroActive
No.TMSMakerCapacity TypeYearOwnerLocation Status
301UnknownCoaling Pneumatic??Silver Stream RailwayUpper HuttUnknown
313UnknownCoaling Pneumatic1922Steam Inc.PaekakarikiUnknown
322UnknownCoaling Pneumatic??Shantytown (West Coast Historical and Mechanical Society)GreymouthStored
338N.Z.R. CoalingPneumatic1910MoTaTWestern Springs, AucklandUnknown
354N.Z.R.CoalingPneumatic 1924Glenbrook Vintage RailwayPukeowareActive (marked as 345)
356N.Z.R.CoalingPneumatic?? Ocean Beach RailwayDunedinUnknown
359N.Z.R.CoalingPneumatic1925 Weka Pass RailwayWaiparaActive
361N.Z.R.CoalingPneumatic 1927Goldfields RailwayWaihiBase & Pillar only - stored
372N.Z.R. (Hutt)CoalingPneumatic1939Canterbury Railway SocietyFerrymead, Christchurch Active
373N.Z.R. (Hutt)CoalingPneumatic1940Kingston FlyerKingstonActive

Notes on further Unidentified Survivors:

In addition I am aware of two apparently 2-ton hand cranes, one of which belongs to Ferrymead (Canterbury Railway Society) and is on loan with the Plains Railway at Tinwald, and the other with Shantytown near Greymouth. As yet I have not been able to confirm identities for these cranes.

Two small handcranes used by bridge gangs for lifting timbers survive. One (ex-Addington) is held by the 2' gauge group at Ferrymead and the other (ex-Greymouth) is owned by the Rail Heritage Trust and held by a group at Reefton. I have no further details on these cranes.

I understand the Waimea Plains Railway also has a pneumatic crane, although this may be in pieces.


I am also running across a few non-NZR rail-mounted cranes which have survived. Most seem to have been former harbour board or quarry equipment

Stothert & Pitt Steam1928Oamaru Steam & Rail SocietyOamaruUnder RestorationLast used 1960's?
Stothert & Pitt 3-tonSteam1908West Coast Historical and Mechanical SocietyShantytown??ex-Greymouth Harbour Board