Site Map

I was requested to assist several readers to ensure they had not missed any pages. A site map seemed the obvious solution (although the research page links to most of the site. This page is very much in development!

This site contains the following pages:

Filename Purpose Links to
Crane files
listing.html a full list of cranes and other equipment indexed by number crane details, cranes by type, manufacturers, survivors, numbering
steam.html details of individual steam powered cranes indexed by manufacturer and capacity manufacturers, gallery
diesel.html details of individual diesel powered cranes indexed by manufacturer and capacity manufacturers, gallery
hand.html details of individual hand powered cranes indexed by manufacturer and capacity manufacturers, gallery
coaling.html details of individual coaling cranes indexed by type, manufacturer and capacity manufacturers, gallery
other.html details of other equipment listed in the crane serial sequence including gantry cranes and steam excavators indexed by manufacturer and capacity manufacturers
survivors.html a summary of former NZR cranes which still exist giving owner, location, and current status. crane details, manufacturers, external links to owners
Research files
project.html research page - main page for the site - explains the project, activities, and results all other pages
questions.html summarises project objectives - the questions to be answered nil
sources.html summarises the sources explored under headings of published, internet, personal contacts, and archival sources. bibliography, literature review, internet review, various result listings, external links to archives and library catalogues
news.html a diary of the project listing activities and progress by month various pages as updated
Result files
biblio.html a compilation of books available on railways in New Zealand listed groupedby books, periodicals, theses/research reports, and maps; and listed alphabetically literature review, crane bibliography
cranebiblio.html a compilation of books available on cranes and excavators listed grouped by books, periodicals, conferences, articles, archive materials and theses; and listed alphabetically NZ bibliography
drivers.html a preliminary list of known crane-drivers nil
litreview.html reviews of relevent books read to date - listed under NZ railway, cranes and excavators, and other rail bibliography, crane bibliography, NZRO listing, NZ Rails listing, NZ Railfan listing
intreview.html a listing ofweb sites viewed to date with notes of any crane content - listed alphabetically by site title external to sites listed
nzrolist.html summary of crane content in the 'New Zealand Railway Observer' vols 19-59 nil
nzrailslist.html summary of crane content in 'Rails' vols 4-27 nil
nzrailfan.html summary of crane content in 'NZ Railfan' vols 1-10 nil
downey.html summary of contents of Downey Collection file 'D79 Rail Cranes' held at Walsh Library, MoTaT nil
gaimsdata.html summary of holdings related to cranes at Archives New Zealand nil
nzrlsbox.html summary of holdings related to cranes at NZR&LS Archive at Ava nil
manufact.html biographical details of known crane manufacturing companies with list of known NZR cranes - listed alphabetically by company external links to company web sites
numbers.html information related to NZR crane numbering nil
rules.html information related to NZR rules for crane operations - under construction nil
totals.html summary of AJHR data on crane stocks between 1881 and 1915 nil
wtt.html summary of cranes sighted as listed in working timetables, indexed by crane number and timetable nil
Other files
index.html a splash page for the site crane listing, gallery, research page, diary
site.html this site map - 'nuff said all
gallery.html pictures of NZR cranes listed by number and divided into NZR and post-NZR categories
- note that the individual cranes have their pictures displayed on separate pages which are not listed here
individual crane picture pages
models.html an aside to my research - pictures and details on model cranes I have seen or am aware of
- split into NZR and non-NZ sections.
Temporary files ( as the heading suggests, these may not be present for long! )
gvr.html pictures from Glenbrook Vintage Railway
- these were posted to help identify the date on which I got some of my early pics of Crane 226
ebop.html pictures from Awakeri, Edgecumbe, and Pekatahi on July 10, 2004
- these were posted in response to a discussion on the TranzRailPhotographers yahoo group.