Project Objectives

As the introduction page would suggest, my objective is to accumulate a body of knowledge about the steam cranes operated by NZR in its various guises. Essentially I want to know what cranes did they operate, what did those cranes do in service, what was it like to operate them, and what subsequently happened to those cranes.

To better identify my objectives I sat down with a sheet of paper and came up with some basic questions I'd like to answer. As I have found out more it seems I keep adding to those questions. My initial focus was steam cranes, but most of the questions suit a wider investigation of travelling cranes in general.

GIven that I have an eventual publication in mind, I have worked the questions into a possible chapter structure. It seemed as good a way as any to arrange the list. So an introduction to my project would be followed by:

The Crane - NZR Cranes - Manufacturers - Individual types - Crane operations - Personnel - Crane Survivors

The Crane

NZR Cranes


Individual Crane Types

Crane Operations


Surviving cranes: