Index and notes of Crane references in the New Zealand Railfan magazine (Vol 1-10)

The following listing was compiled in November 2004 from the New Zealand Railfan magazine. The listing identifies mentions of cranes and crane usage in relation to railways in New Zealand. Coverage includes mention in text and appearance in pictures, both as the main subject and incidental occurances. The procedure was to survey each issue looking for photos and likely articles. To speed the process not all material was read and it is possible some items may have been missed. The nature of the reference is given as type (Article, Letter, or Photo), with a description given under notes. Where appropriate (such as identified errors) additional notes are given. Items directly related to cranes, or containing particularly useful information have the type bolded. A blank entry after the issue number indicates no relevant crane mentions. A '--'. after the issue number means this issue has not yet been surveyed.

Phillip Treweek (November 7, 2004)

11p44PhotoRoad crane unloading Tr 185 at OBR (Andrew Robinson)
p51PhotoDx being unloaded on wharf
2p19ArticlePreservation News: West Coast Railway Society - recovery of loco C 1 from Lower Buller gorge. "This took place on the 8th of January 1995, and saw another work train comprising a Cowens Sheldon diesel crane and a receiving EWW well wagon for the final recovery."
p46ArticleSchooldays, by steam to school. David Sims. Reference tp Wab 764 being used as banker at Kakahi in 1940's. "Coal supplies and a coaling crane were even sent to Kakahi for the duration!"
3p19ArticlePreservation News: Ocean Beach Railway. "Undoubtedly the most interesting new restoration project is the commencement of a complete restoration of their 6 wheel hand operated crane No287. The historic, 5 ton capacity, Ransomes & Rapier crane was built in 1909, and has been used for a variety of lifting jobs since coming to the Ocean Beach Railway."
p40PhotoDa 1400 being unloaded by floating crane 'Mahua' at Auckland, August 12, 1955. (W.W. Stewart)
4p26PhotoWab 767 and Ww 647 at Te Kuiti loco. Pneumatic coaling crane jib in background. (J.M. Creber)
p54PhotoDa 1406 leaving Auckland yard. Steam grab in background. (E.J. McClare)
p56PhotoDa 1429 at National Park. Hand operated goods crane outside goods shed. (E.J. McClare)
21p4PhotoLoco 1521 being craned ashore. (Glen Anthony)
p19ArticlePreservation News: Ocean Beach Railway. "Representing an interesting new development in railway preservation, the Otago Railway and Locomotive Society, as owners and operators of the Dunedin based Ocean Beach Railway, have commenced a major restoration of a hand operated railway crane. The vehicle in question is No.287, a rare six-wheeled example. Built by Ransomes & Rapier in 1909, the three axle crane is one of just four similar hand cranes remaining in the country. Funded by small grants from the Lotteries Commission, Trust Bank Otago and a Sargood Bequest, work on the crane commenced in June, 1995. In the following months the crane has been stripped down, so that the boom, weight box and running gear can be individually attended to. Amongst items to be replaced is virtually all the mounting hardware, leaf springs for the centre axle, and the lifting cable and hook."
p20PhotoTr 198 being craned onto tracks at Tinwald. (Andrew Hewitt)
p22PhotoLoco 1481 being craned ashore. (Niall Robertson)
p47PhotoGreymouth Loco (Elmer Lane) 1937 (Hugh Bennett) showing 2 x cranes (steam?)
p49PhotoAB 812 departing Dunedin Yard May 1, 1937 (Hugh Bennett) showing Steam crane in consist with work wagons.. Jib up (not supported) over match wagon.
p55PhotoUb 331 at Dunedin Loco May 6, 1937 (Hugh Bennett) - pneumatic coaling crane to rear.
2p14PhotoF 185 at Pukemiro October 22, 1995 (Jan Jenner) Jib in background (No.293?)
p16ArticleRailscene News: Upgrading the Midland line. rehabilitation work to allow use of double Dx hauled trains. "While most of the bridges were accessible to road service vehicles and cranes, some such as the seven span bridge 32 near Ahaura required the assistance of Tranz Rail's 60 tonne rail cranes to lift in the replacement steel bridge spans and track sets." Includes picture showing excavator being used to place span in bridge near Mawheraiti.
p28PhotoOverhauled cab being lowered onto A 428 May 1993 (Paul Markholm)
3p17ArticlePreservation Progress: Ocean Beach Railway. Report on progress on several non-revenue rolling stock items. "Undoubtedly though, the most interesting rolling stock item presently being restored is the 1909 Ransomes and Rapier six-wheel hand crane. Following a complete strip down, the large steel assemblies such as the crane winding box, jib and underframe were sent to the Transtec Hillside Workshops for sandblasting and painting in corrosions resistant primer, with traditional red oxide on top. Smaller items and accessories are being cleaned, repaired and painted on site. Some components that were heavily wasted, such as wheelset leaf springs, were replaced with new material. Financial assistance from the Lotteries Grants Board, Trust Bank Community Trust and the Sargood Bequest." Includes photo May 4, 1996 (Andrew Robinson) showing stripped down frame.
p17ArticlePreservation Progress: Pahiatua Railcar Society. Notes RM 31 craned back onto mainline on Feb 14, 1996. Photo (Reid McNaught) shown on p24 - 2 x mobile cranes.
p23PhotoDa 1405 being lifted back onto bogies at Otahuhu Shops March 7, 1961 by a Craven 40 tonner.
pp38-39Photo2 x pictures of Bb locos at Frankton. Pneumatic coaling crane jibs to rear.
p45PhotoBb 627 being coaled at Huntly December 22, 1965 (J.A.T. Terry). Very nice profile picture of pneumatic coaling crane at work.
p51PhotoKa 930 in Palmerston North south yard.(Bob Hepburn) Jib visible in loco depot in background.
4p4PhotoSouth African 25NC class No.3432 being craned ashore in Auckland (Niall Robertson). More pictures (Niall Robertson/ Richard Head) showing floating crane Hikinui in action on p26
p19ArticlePreservation Progress: Craven Crane Preservation Group. Substantial background on formation of group, acquisition of Crane 200, and plans for restoration. (approx. 700 words)
pp52-58ArticleTales from Tiger Country by Derek Brown. Lengthy account of travelling with work train on Taumarunui- Taihape segment of journey conveying Craven 40-tonner to Woburn. (approx 500 words) on p53
31p21ArticlePreservation Progress: Goldfields Railway. Details of acquisition and delivery of Cowans Sheldon 10-tonner 227 to Waihi (approx 500 words). Includes photo of 227 being unloaded from low-loader (Peter Berry).
3p4PhotoLoco 1477 being craned for loading aboard the Aratika. (Courtney Sanft)
p19PhotoBR Mk.II carriages being craned ashore (Colin Dash)
p35PhotoAb 738 coaling at Paeroa in November 1959 (J.A.T. Terry) nice side view of pneumatic crane at work
2p4Photoex Westrail loco A 1510 being craned ashore (Reid McNaught)
3p23PhotoDh 2816 on wharf at Whangarei (David Parsons). Lattice jib to rear of consist - mobile crane?
p55PhotoClimax 1203 at Shantytown (David Jones) Handcrane with curved jib (2-tonner?) is parked adjacent to loco. Crane wagon frame lacks decking.
4p17ArticlePreservation Progress: Craven Crane Preservation Group. Update article on 40-ton crane restoration. Details of auxiliary wagons. (approx 600 words). Includes photo at Paekakariki (Reid McNaught)
p18PhotoWagon turntable being craned into place at Pleasant point Railway July 18, 1998 (Mark Denne)
p20ArticlePreservation Progress: Silver Stream Railway. Substantial background on history, acquisition, and subsequent use of Crane 124. (approx 650 words) Includes photo of 124 in operation on July 18, 1998 (Reid McNaught).
p21Photoexs Tranz Rail loco being craned aboard ship in Wellington (Michael Kilgour)
p30PhotoClimax 1203 being coaled by pneumatic coaling crane at Shantytown January 26, 1993 (Reid McNaught)
51p22PhotoJa 1234 towing consist including crane 224 at GVR August 9, 1998 (Niall Robertson)
p22PhotoCb 113 and V 148 at Moorhouse Station, Ferrymead on October 25, 1998 (Colin Dash) - goods crane in background.
p24PhotoTGR Q loco with handcrane in consist near Launceston (Tasmanian Government Railways)
p40PhotoWork train underway near Hihitahi in heavy snow 1961? (Peter Mellor) - includes CS 10-tonner in consist.
p43PhotoWw 561 being coaled at Wanganui October 21, 1961 (Peter Mellor) - features pneumatic crane 337
2p17ArticlePreservation Progress: Ocean Beach Railway. Progress report on restoration of Crane 287 and Vb and Xb wagons. (approx 550 words in crane). Includes photo of 287 sans jib and decking (Andrew Robinson)
p20ArticleRailscene news - recovery of Dft 7173 from Manawatu gorge. "Taking three days in total, the project saw the locomotive slowly dragged up to track level using a specially built incline track, three large bulldozers fitted with winches and Tranz Rail's pair of 60 tonnes capacity diesel cranes."
p21ArticleRailfan's day on GVR. "Later in the day the GVR's 10 tonne Cowans & Sheldon steam crane was added to the consist to give added photo delights for the 67 railfans who paid a very modest $25 for the day's activities."
3pp47-58ArticleSchooldays Down Rotten Row by David Sims - mentions p 56 Scrapper's cranes. Photo p51 shows coaling crane in background.
61pp15-18ArticleLines of Industry by David Parsons. On 'Vector' tunnel - mentions use of mobile cranes p16. Includes pictures
p21Photorecovery of DFT 7254 at Waipahi Oct 21, 1999 (Chris Howell) - using mobile cranes.
p22ArticleRailscene news. GVR Thomas weekend November 6/7, 1999. "The final run back to Glenbrook featured the two Da's, the 4-8-2, the GVR's Cowan & Sheldon 10 tonne steam crane and all available goods rolling stock in the consist."
p24 PhotoWab 794 lifted off drivers and bogies by 2x80-tonne mobile cranes on September 30, 1999. (John Cannon)
p25PhotoWater vat ex-Kumara being craned off truck at Reefton August 4. 1999 (Paul Thomas)
pp36-37PaintingFeatures work train on way to clear slip (Barry O'Donnell) Priestman in consist - crawler crane/ grab?
p59PhotoAa 650 coaling at Gisborne (Bob Hepburn) - head of pneumatic crane jib visible
2p44PhotoF 163 with Priestman coal grab (G.W.Emerson) - nice pic of rear of grab.
p56ArticleMention in F 163 article of Palmerston North Way & Works depot where 'Vintage Rail' used the tamper workshop building in 1990's. "While this base, with its pit, crane and workshop facilities, has been ideal, one never knows the future and perhaps we as a group will one day have to relocate..."
4p4PhotoTruck mounted crane lowering K 88 boiler onto loco frame.
p14ArticlePreservation Progress: Hawke's Bay Rail. Eb 26 craned onto truck
pp58-67ArticleReminiscences of the NZR: A personal recollection by Arch MacNeilage. p62 "At Taumarunui in those days we had a coal grab for coaling locomotives. It was manned by T.Hope and C.D.Smith who worked twelve hour shifts after the death of the third operator, V.C.Reid. Trevor Hope was an excellent pen sketcher as I found out many years later, when I came upon some of his work in Hamilton, owned by a Locomotive Engineer. There was also a coaling crane operated by a locomotive's air supply which lifted half ton buckets of coal up to loco tenders." Includes reproduction of T.Hope sketch of K 911 dated November 25, 1936.
p67PhotoAuckland Loco from Beach Rd overbridge 1950 (A.C.MacNeilage) - coaling crane to rear.
2p22ArticlePreservation Progress: Ocean Beach Railway - includes long paragraph on Crane 287 (approx 200 words), nearing completion.
p39PhotoMangaweka Station & yard May 1971 (Noel Meek) - goods crane visible.
pp55-68ArticleA Kb Class Locomotive Scrapbook by John Cooke. pp62-63 derailment and recovery of Kb 968 at Cass triangle
p56PhotoKb968 passing Addington shops circa.1940s (Bill Haddon) - steam crane visible (Crane 142?)
3p4PhotoCrane 287 at OBR April 2001 (Andrew Robinson)
p22ArticlePreservation Progress: Brief News - Ocean Beach Railway. Restoration of Crane 287 complete - details (approx 150- words).
p24ArticleRailscene news - display of 100 tonne traversing crane in Hutt Shops Plant one building
pp38-53ArticleWhen Coal was King: Memoirs of an NZR Fireman 1947-1961 by Eddie Simpson. p43 "At the coal-stage three steam-crane drivers worked three shifts and one or two labourers filled coal tubs and removed clinker and ashes from the pits." p49 discription of becoming a coaling crane driver and the work required, before becoming fireman (3 paras) p48 - copy of crane ticket, p50 account of work train delivering cranes to derailment.
p40PhotoA 411 & Ab 730 at Invercargill Loco (Mike Barnes) Priestman jib to rear, pneumatic coaling crane to side.
p41PhotoHillside built steam crane coaling A class Loco with grab (David McCallum) (Crane 149?)
p49PhotoWf 844 being coaled by Priestman grab. (David Donaghy)
4p10LetterKen Haydock - corrections re: age of Hutt 100-tonne cranes
p20ArticleRailscene News: NFRS awards - include OBR for restoration of crane 287
p23ArticlePreservation Progress: Reefton Historic Trust Board - recent arrival of hardwood beam yard derrick crane, formerly at Reefton from Blacks Point Museum.
p27ArticleLines of Industry by David Parsons - stock in use at construction of Manapouri tailrace tunnel includes Plymouth Loco-crane. Includes photo of loco-crane at work in tunnel.
81p24Photoex-PWD Barclay 551 at Burke's Creek Colliery, Reefton (John Herbert). Scotch derrick to rear.
p59PhotoQ 346 at Port Chalmers (J.A.T.Terry) - curious derrick to rear (similar to old Ferrymead photos?)
p4PhotoMobile cranes lifting RM 133 at Auckland International Airport January 15, 2002 (Lindsay Bembrook).
p19PhotoDx 5195 being craned onto bogies by 2x mobile cranes on January 8, 2002 following derailment due to track subsidence (Colin Barry collection)
p30PhotoCrane 224 track laying at Cornwall Road level crossing on the GVR line. (Robert Sweet) - lovely action profile.
p32PhotoMobile crane lifting restored boiler for Ww 480 at GVR Papakura loco depot Dec 21, 1974 (Ron Paddon).
p36PhotoJ 1234 with freight consist at GVR for railfan's day August 9, 1998 (Robert Sweet) - includes crane 224 behind loco.
pp38-51ArticleAllie Godbaz, Engine driver (1917-1978) by John Cooke. pp44-45 discussion of coal crane operators and activities
p51PhotoKb 968 coals at Springfield loco, June 1968 (David Sims) - nice view of pneumatic crane from elevated position.
3p34PhotoGVR - Pukeoware depot (Mike Austin) - shows goods crane
p60PhotoRc being craned ashore by floating crane Rapaki at Lyttleton Jan, 1929 (E.J.McClare collection).
p72PhotoLyttleton 25 October, 1969 (John Herbert) - unidentified crane in background
4p20ArticlePreservation Progress: Silver Stream Railway. Erection of replica semaphore signal gantry, using crane 124. Includes photo Aug 3, 2002 (Reid McNaught).
p40PhotoDc being craned ashore by floating crane Hikitia at Wellington January 31, 1978 (NZR)
p55PhotoDc being craned ashore by floating crane Hikitia at Wellington January 31, 1978 (NZR)
91p13Letterfrom D.L. Bettridge Re: working in East Town shops - participated in rewiring 'an old Herbert Morris crane'.
p26PhotoDc being craned ashore by floating crane Hikitia at Wellington August, 1978 (Tony Hurst)
p57PhotoU 237 at Linwood August 1923 (Bill Stewart) - 2 jibs to rear (handcrane and pneumatic coaling crane?)
p62PhotoU 239 coaling January 20, 1950 (Trev Terry) - pneumatic coaling crane jib to rear
p66PhotoU 51 coaling at Dunedin December 8, 1952 (Keith Cullen) - rear three-quarter view of Priestman grab
2p4PhotoUb 17 frame and wheels being lifted by mobile crane February 13, 2003 (Tony Batchelor)
p21ArticlePreservation Progress: Weka Pass Railway - use of R&R diesel crane 197 / EL1007 to install 55' turntable at Waikari May-Oct 2003
3p4PhotoLine up of heritage railway equipment for movie 'The Last Samurai' (Sam Warner) - includes BTC hand-crane 293
pp15-16ArticleRailscene News: The Last Samurai Movie Train - mention of use of BTC handcrane 293
p43PhotoJa 1275 and Ja 1278 at Auckland April 11, 1962 (David Sims) - Priestman grab in background
p67PhotoTr 21 being craned at MoTaT in 1997 (Andrew Hamblyn)
4pp38-56ArticleThe P Class Locomotives by John Brouwer. P56 caption mentions use of steam crane in loco dumping at Branxholme in 1927.
101p43PhotoWa 165 shunting coal at Frankton (J.A.T. Terry) - Jib & grab of Priestman visible.
2p24ArticlePreservation Progress: Napier Harbour Board Fowler No5 - mentions Tr649 craned onto flatbed truck for transport to Reefton
p55PhotoKa 930 at Marton April 26, 1952 (John Cooke) - unusual jib to rear
p70ArticleWhy are there no rail-cranes in 'Thomas the Tank Engine'? by Phil Treweek
3p7LetterGraeme McDermott Re: Baby Barclay No531 - para on use of steam crane to install bridge girder at Titirangi Rd overbridge.
p40PhotoLog train at Galatea July 8,1955 (Bob Hepburn) - features NCK log loader
4p48PhotoV 63 at Gore (T.A.McGavin Coll.) - unusual crane structure to rear
p51PhotoWMR No6 (later V 450) at Paekakariki c.1905 (A.P.Godber) - unusual coaling crane to rear.
p54PhotoV 163 at Invercargill (Kevin Crosado Coll.) - Jib to rear.
p67PhotoDe locos at Dunedin February 1, 1986 (Ken Devlin) - jib to rear (mobile?)