Research Progress

This page isn't a record of exciting crane developments. Its actually intended to be more of a project diary - recording where I'm at with my research. I've really only just started on my hunt, so at the moment there's not much to list. But over (what might be some considerable) time I will add to this:

It might be worth a comment on how I got started on this. My father was a crane driver in the early 1960's on CS 10 ton crane '226'. He and I had talked several years ago about me recording some of his stories to go with his old photographs to produce a booklet for his grandchildren. We had several false starts, and the project got put on hold as more grandchildren appeared. In early November 2002 I talked to him about getting the family history project underway again, and even got down to starting to scan some photos - starting with some from his crane driving days. Unfortunately my father who had not been well (he was severely arthritic and in increasingly poor health after a stroke in 1994) was hospitalised with heart and kidney problems and passed away suddenly on November 14, 2002.

As I already had some details from Dad, I thought I would go ahead with the family history booklet. It seemed like a good way to get a little closure regarding his death, by recording some of his life. As I got into the railway material, I found that my notes raised as many questions as answers - so I got onto the Internet to try and fill in some gaps. I am always amazed by what a few email queries will turn up, and I soon had some answers regarding the fate of Dad's old crane. I also found that there was very little information published on the subject of Railway steam cranes - so a new project was born!

As I started reading, and talking to people I found there was an interest in the subject - and a few people who wanted to know more. As I gathered a small amount of information I found my interest being shifted from just the steam cranes to NZR travelling cranes in general. I set up this site as a way to get in touch with other crane enthusiasts and people who might be willing to share information. So far this has worked and my pool of data is slowly growing.

This page is intended to record what I've been doing on a month by month basis - both for myself, and for those who may be interested in my project.

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