Index and notes of Crane references in the New Zealand Railway Observer (Vol 19-59)

The following listing was compiled between January and May 2003 from the New Zealand Railway 'Observer'. The listing identifies mentions of cranes and crane usage in relation to railways in New Zealand. Coverage includes mention in text and appearance in pictures, both as the main subject and incidental occurances. The procedure was to survey each issue looking for photos and likely articles. To speed the process not all material was read and it is possible some items may have been missed. The nature of the reference is given as type (Article, Letter, or Photo), with a description given under notes. Where appropriate (such as identified errors) additional notes are given. Items directly related to cranes, or containing particularly useful information have the type bolded. A blank entry after the issue number indicates no relevant crane mentions.

Phillip Treweek (May 15, 2003)

257pp169-172Article:'The Final Year of the New Zealand Midland Railway' I.Bullock - rolling stock included a travelling hand crane. Note 'Much timber traffic, however, was loaded along the line, for which purpose the company's travelling hand crane was frequently attached to trains.' (p170)
255p109Photo:U237 coaling (W.Sutherland) at Clinton Nov 1940 - pneumatic crane
254pp70-73Article:'Upper Quadrant Automatic Signalling on the Upper Hutt line' W.Prebble - use of 15 ton crane to erect signals at Silver Stream on Jul 27/ Aug 3, 2002 (p73)
p94Article:'Railway Oddities' G.Carter -pile driving for wharf extensions at Oamaru in the late 30's. Photo: photo shows steam rail crane, possibly 4 wheel, with 'boxed' curved jib.
253pp53-57Article:'Life at a Country Railway Station in the 1950's' D.Selby - about Pahiatua. Ref to yard crane. p55 Photo: George Carroll's Ruston Bucyrus 10 RB dragline on Ud1504 April 1957; p56 Photo: Steam crane 224 erecting gantry Mar 18, 1957; Photo: 5 ton hand crane 272 at Pahiatua April 1957. 272 was a replacement for a 1876 1/2 ton stationary hand crane which was 'torn' out of the goods shed wall. Media reporting of an 1874 crane replacing an 1876 crane resulted in a new gantry installation.
251pp171-179Article:'The Glenbrook Vintage Railway' R. Sweet. Note p178 'Also acquired was a 10 ton lift steam crane, NZR number 224, now known as Tanekaha. Both the Ds and the steam crane arrived in working order.' (Ds refers to Ds 207 from Otahuhu).
250p152Article:South Island derailments. note 'The recovery operation was further complicated later that day when a contractor's 100 tonne crane toppled and fell onto a ZH wagon that was being craned back onto the track'.
p158Article:'RM' 133 Trust Board removal of railcar from Auckland International Airport. Photo (L.Benbrook) shows two mobile cranes.
249p108Letter:Re: Opossum J Staton - use of ten ton truck mounted crane for removal.
247p46Photo:Coaling at Paekakariki (M.Duston) - jib and grab visible.
p48Photo:Coaling at Paekakariki (M.Duston) - large jib and pneumatic crane visible.
245pp137-140Article:'Some of my experiences on the "high iron".' Monte Signal (reprint from Fanfare Sep 1946) - describes accident while coaling with air crane.
244CoverPhoto:K92 and Ab795 with pneumatic coaling crane
243p90Photo:Wab794 back on driving wheels (N.Wood) - mobile cranes used
242pp38-41Article:'The Rebuilding of a Ballast tamper' B.Jones - mentions workshop crane, Hutt.
pp48-49Photo:Centrespread (Bill Knipe) - coaling 426, with pneumatic crane
241p9Photo:Wab794 and X442 (N.Wood) coaling jib in background.
240pp154-155Article:Track maintenance machinery renumbering
239pp108-109Article:'Fatal Head On Collision.' Oct 20, 1999 - 2 freight trains collided at Waipahi, near Gore. Photo p109 (R.McLeod) shows two cranes (non-railway) involved in salvage.
p118Article:'Railway Oddities: Lettering on Rolling Stock and Plant'. Trevor Terry. Includes P.R.Palmer photo from Auckland Weekly News Apr 15 1915 shows Marion Steam Shovel at Waipoua gravel pit loading ballast for Gisborne-Napier railway..
238p42Photo:July 23, 1963 Mobile crane on flatbed bogie wagon
p54Photo:Tractor crane on right
p66Photo:1877 - Greymouth loco shed - steam crane at rear?
236p157Article:'Recovering DFT 7173' Manawatu Gorge October 1998. 3 photos (L.N.Wood) include EL 6002 and EL 6019 lifting loco
235p99Photo:Apr 1, 1961 Ab 702 at Napier loco depot with two coaling cranes
p107Photo:1975 Ja 1271 at Dunedin with coaling crane in bkgnd
pp111-112Article:'Society Carriage Now at Silver Stream" Moving of carriage ex-WMR A 1126 Sep 12, 1998 involve use of 15 tonner (ex 124). Photo of mobile crane with carriage. (Also described in Turntable No53 Nov 1998).
233p13Article:'A New Bridge over the Te Henui'. W.N. Derbyshire. 1962 Involved the use of CS 7 tonner 225 and 'Jumbo' rig. Includes pictures of both. Note error - reference to one of steam cranes 'Craven' 225 being tipped over
230p55Article:'Cranes at Work - 3' Bob Hepburn. '15 ton'? steam crane from Napier (Way and Works) at work in the Motu valley in April 1959 with worktrain removing telephone poles and in July 1959 removing a bridge at Matawai.
pp56-61Article:Memoirs of a Locomotive Fitter at the Dunedin Loco Depot 1948-1983' Part Two. G.P. Graham. p61 - 'running in' crane after hotbox repairs.
p62Photo:F 185 at Pukemiro - hand crane in background
229pp6-11Article:'Memoirs of a Locomotive Fitter at the Dunedin Loco Depot 1948-1983' Part One. G.P. Graham. reference to repairs for AirCranes and Coaling Cranes. note: "The coaling cranes in operation at the depot were an old 'Browning' ex Suez Canal (so it was claimed), and the 'Priestman'. The 40-ton crane was stationed at the Foreman of Works yard for breakdown purposes." p7. P8 - incident in w hich Browning was tipped, crane-drivers, preparing Priestman for travel, working as crane fitter, coaling at Ranfurly and Clinton. p11 - accident with Priestman chimney.
p26Article:'Cranes at Work - 2' Bob Hepburn. Dec 1964 new '15-25 ton'? 'hydraulic' crane lifting precast concrete culvert sections just north of tunnel 23 on East coast. Sep 1958 Priestman mobile crane on Ub working on Waipaoa rail bridge, Sep 1957 Priestman mobile crane on Ub cleaning drains with a dragline in the Esk valley.
228p137Article:'Cranes at Work - 1' Bob Hepburn. Oct 4 1956 Steam crane derailed on Mawhara Quay, Greymouth. Sep 1958 Craven 40-ton steam crane and '25 ton' steam crane (appears to be 15 ton steam crane 124) working on raising the Waipaoa rail bridge. Sep 22, 1958 Craven lifting Tr onto M wagon at Gisborne yard.
p143Article:'Silverstream Rai lway Ex-NZR Steam crane'. "A 15-tonne capacity Ransome-Rapier steam crane, which has been in storage at Tranz Rail's Hutt workshops, was delivered to the Silver Stream Railway on 23 February 1997."
p143Photo:March 24, 1996 GVR No.1 (ex NZR Ww 480) with 224 crane jib visible in background.
p146Photo:c1939 Stratford station - coaling crane and goods crane visible
227p96Article:'The Raetihi Runaway.' J.L.Moorman. Stalled train split - brakes did not hold and no of sheep wagons derailed. Notes steam crane used for recovery.
226p44Photo:Dec 1972 Ab 795 at Lumsden - coaling crane visible
225pp20-22Article:'Railway Accident at Matamau.' S.T.Allen. Two photos of recovery show jib of hand crane - one appears attached to loco.
224p127Photo:Pukemiro yard - hand crane visible.
p141Article:'Standard Railcar "RM" 31 moved'. Mentions lifted by two cranes - type not specified.
221p30Article:'Old "C" Class Tank Locomotive.' Recovery of 1875 loco from river in Buller Gorge. Temporary track laid and unspecified rail crane used.
220p129Photo:Feb 15, 1942 Auckland loco depot - coaling crane visible
219pp78-79Article:'Raised Again: the Restoration of "K" 92.' Rob Merrifield. Description of use of breakdown crane in loco dumping process from the New Zealand Railways Magazine for Jan 1929 (p78)
218pp42-46Article:'Andersons Limited - a Builder and User of Railways 2'. G.T.Carter. note building of steam cranes for various harbour boards p43
217pp6-7Article:'The Revival of "C" 847'. W.J.Rumble. Use of ex-NZR 224 to move larger components. Photo p7 shows loco depot hand crane.
p31Letter:'Steam Crane for Preservation'. Euan McQueen. Correction - ELS 4007 for the Craven Consortium, not Rail Heritage Trust.
216pp143-145Article:'Passchendaele G oes North'. Photographic coverage of the move of Ab 608 and other equipment from Christchurch to Paekakariki in Nov 1993. Caption on p143 refers to Craven ELS 4007 going to the Rail Heritage Trust (see correction under 217). Photos (G.Anthony) on pages 144 at Oaro and 145 north of Kaikoura show train underway with crane marshalled with jib trailing.
213pp20-21Article:'Wellington Railway Yards in 1968'. Rob McGavin Photo page 20 has several cranes visible.
211p108-109Article:'North British Locomotive Company Memories'. photos (W.J.Rumble) p108 of Finnieston dock crane, Glasgow.
p119Photo:Apr 18, 1992 Goldfields Railway - goods crane visible in background
210pp78-79Article:'Main Line Derailment at Hornby'. March 14, 1992. Notes use of cranes (not specified) in recovery.
204pp122-131Article:'"Ka 942" Returns To Active Service'. John Stichbury. Restoration of loco described - notes June 13, 1990 steam feed from GVR crane ex-NZR 224 attached to cab manifold to operate oil fire and heat oil. Photo (W.J.Rumble) p127 shows crane being used as part of train for testing (jib forward).
200p164Article:'Locomotives Overturned in Level-Crossing Accident' Nov 2, 1989 near Putaruru. Recovery by mobile and rail cranes.
198pp64-72Article:'Coal Trains in the Mist' Robert McGavin. Photo p68 and comments p69 regarding the Westport wharf steam cranes
195p122Article:'Research Notes No.65 Early Lyttleton'. R.J.Meyer Includes photo with various cranes visible
p126Article:'Saving the Frankton Junction South Signal Box'. Includes photo (R.J.Meyer) of Box being lifted by mobile cranes.
194pp50-60Article:'The Lyttleton and Christchurch Railway'. W.A.Pierre. Includes photo p54 1864 Ferrymead railway station (Dr A.C.Barker) shows wharf derricks, and jib of crane. Photo p58 1864 Christchurch railway station (Dr A.C.Barker) with crane in background. Photo p59 1864 Ferrymead railway station (Dr A.C.Barker) crane jib in background
191pp104-107Article:'NZMR Rolling Stock, Traffic, Train Services'. R.D.Grant. Mentions 5-ton crane used by NZMR.
190p50Photo:April 7, 1983 Aerial view of East Town Workshops (NZR) - several cranes visible.
189p21Photo:Aug 28, 1956 Waihi Station (Derek Cross) - goods crane visible in background.
188p150Photo:Aug 1934 Thorndon loco depot (J.D.Buckley) - coaling crane visible
187p119Photo:1986 GVR Crane ex-NZR 224 lifting railsets (R.Russell) - rear 3/4 view from left, superstructure slewed to profile. Still marked 'PALM NTH ELS 1028' behind cab. Other markings on carriage less clear.
186pp57-59Article:'Silver Stream Railway Officially Opened'. Photos p57 and 59 (D.M.Cole) show goods crane in background at McKirdy station.
185p23Photo:Jan 2, 1986 Kingston (G.T.Radcliffe) - coaling crane in background.
182p49Photo:1929 Hutt Road - Tawa Flat Deviation (Evening Post) - mobile? crane visible in background on embankment
180p153Photo:June 2, 1984 Pukeoware (D.M.Cole) - night working, coaling crane at right.
179p87Photo:April 1973 Ferrymead (A.Burney) - lowering boiler onto Price Cb 113 using handcrane.
p113Photo:May 20, 1984 Silver Stream (D.M.Cole) - handcrane being run on train (curved jib - 2 ton?) behind De loco
p115Photo:June 2, 1984 Pukeoware (D.M.Cole) - hand crane partially visible in top right..
178p51Photo:Mar 10, 1984 Featherston (R.J.Meyer) Fell H 199 being lifted by mobile cranes.
177p5Photo:1953 Dunedin Goods Yard (NZR) - 3 cranes visible
p32Article:'Rerailing Locomotives' correction to #175 p110 re: rerailing of DX5270 near Shannon May 1, 1983 - not first use of EL6002 and EL6019 together - report from Robert Stratton (Hamilton) regarding recovery of DC4415 at Matahina on Dec 21 1980 (following derailment on Dec 16).
175p99Photo:1982 near McKays Crossing (NZR) - mobile crane lifting beams for electrification.
p110-111Article:'Rerailing a Locomotive' D.M.Cole. Account of recovery of Dx 5270 derailed on April 15, 1983. Recovery by 60-tonners EL 6002 and EL 6019 on May 1. Includes 2 photos of cranes working.
173p7Photo:June 27, 1927 Oreti River near Branxholme (Weekly Press) - rather blurry picture of dumping of 'K' locos - appears to be Cowans Sheldon 7 tonner. (See also 219 p78 for description of process).
p10Photo:Oct 1979 (M.Hanrahan) - mobile crane lifting Rogers K 88 boiler.
p24Photo:Dec 25 1954 Cromwell loco depot (Derek Cross) - coaling and goods cranes visible at right.
169p26Photo:Dec 18, 1947 Wf 387 outshopped - steam crane in background.
167p132Photo:Feb 1, 1981 Silver Stream (D.M. Cole - construction at McKirdy Station, shows yard crane installed
166pp17-23Article:'Railway Life'. J.A.Dangerfield - includes glossary pp21-22 of useful terms (eg runner wagon').
163p112Article:'Research Notes 33' R.J.Meyer Photo - Ashburton, goods crane visible
p115Article:'New Breakdown Cranes have arrived' - details on NEI-Clarke Chapman (Cowans Sheldon) 60 tonners
162p71Photo:Dec 12, 1979 Athenree (E.J.McClare) Crane 550 removing steel span from bridge as tract is lifted following opening of Kaimai tunnel.
161p40Photo:Oct 22, 1979 MoTaT (D.M.Cole). Coaling crane visible behind loco in yard.
160p114Photo:June 1922 Newmarket shops (W.W.Stewart)Steam crane superstructure and jib visible behind Wab 686
pp140-141Article:'Progress on the Plains Railway'. Mark Denne. Notes painting of hand crane (red oxide). Acquisition of self-propelled steam crane from Oamaru harbour works quarry (tendered for one of two - other assumed scrapped) - dismantled and retrieved in several trips in early 1978. Reassembled by Nov 78. Primarily to deal with 'K' boiler, but other tasks envisaged.
154p63Article:'Research Notes No.25'. R.J.Meyer Wagon mounted steam winch
153p19Photo:Good yard c1970s wheeled crane (hand?) in use
152p155Photo:1971 Witakaruru stream near Morrinsville (NZR) crane in use for bridge building.
151p109Photo:Sep 9, 1948 Wellington (W.W.Stewart) Wab with train - coaling cranes in background.
149pp4-7Article:'Extending the Ocean Beach Railway'. I.P.Wylie - 2 photos (p7) of hand crane coupled to Kerr Stuart loco being used to move railsets.
147pp92-95Article:'The Plains Railway'. M.Denne. Notes in listing rolling stock - 'and an old crane given to the society by the Ferrymead Railway'. (p95)
146p69Photo:Mar 1943 Clarence (J.D.Mahoney) - goods crane to right
p75Photo:Jun 1976 Porootarao Tunnel (NZR) - mobile crane at work
p84Article:'New Breakdown Cranes Sought by NZR'. NZR announced in July inviting tenders for two diesel 60 tonne breakdown cranes. Summarises existing stock - 4x40 tonne steam(199-200), 40 tonne diesel (500), 4x15 tonne diesel (550-553), 15 tonne steam (124). 'A number of other travelling cranes of smaller capacity are also in use for maintenance purposes'.
p88Photo:1975 Ferrymead (G.Jory) - equipment including crane being shunted at Moorhouse.
145p32-34Article:'Silver Fern Railcar Derailed in Level-Crossing Accident'. Accident Nov 21, 1975. Craven 201 and two road cranes for recovery on Nov 23 - third road crane required because of soft ground. Photo (G.T.Radcliffe) p 33of Craven in lift.
139p106Photo:July 21, 1974 Ngaruawahia rail bridge (NZR) barge under bridge with two mobile? cranes. One numbered 605 and marked NZ Roadmakers Ltd.
136p166Photo:1965 Tauranga loco depot (D.L.A.Turner) - coaling crane in foreground (good picture)
135p108Photo:1937 Auckland loco depot (A.H.Bennett) - Aa 649 coaling - coaling grab and jib visible. (also in 108 p68)
p128Article:'Research Page No.7'. R.J.Meyer. Whittaker Steam Navvy
130p41Article:'Wellington-Auckland Express derailed by washout'
p42Article:'Recovering the Locomotive' Work Train 25 - Da1428 and Da1486 with Crane 226 and support wagons for recovery.
128p97Photo:Kingston Wharf (W.W.Stewart) shows goods crane
126p147-148Article:'Big Container Crane for NZR at Wellington'. Contract for Stothert & Pitt 32.5 ton lift travelling crane for rail transfer at Wellington container wharf. Electrically operated, weighing 220 tons, will straddle four tracks and roadway. Operational 1972
123p29Article:'Manawapou Viaduct Reconstruction'. Involved use of Cowans Sheldon 10-tonner (possibly 226). (see 107 pp20-23)
122pp112-125Article:'Double Fairlie Locomotives on New Zealand Railways'. T.A.McGavin "The valve gear from one bogie of the Auckland locomotive, after having seen service under a steam crane, was presented a few years ago to the Science Museum in South Kensington, London." p117 ref to loco B-10 'Snake'. First built with Walschaerts motion.
121p108Photo:1968 Cromwell (G.W.Emerson) - Ab coaling - coaling crane behind - unusual grab/bucket?
119pp2-11Article:Whittaker steam navvy and Marion steam shovel - details, with photo and drawings of Marion shovel.
117p87Photo:March 1913 Gisborne Borough Council metal depot - large goods crane.
108p49Photo:c.1937 Blue Slip, Wharanui (NZR) - Steam excavator
p50Photo:Amuri Bluff Tunnel (NZR) - dragline and shovel excavators
p68Photo:1937 Auckland loco depot (A.H.Bennett) - Aa 649 coaling - coaling grab and jib visible. (also in 135 p108).
107pp20-23Article:Flood-Batte red Railways'. Account of restoration of Manawapou viaduct - involved use of steam crane, road crane, and 'Jumbo'. Photo p22 Apr 6, 1966 (NZR) shows road crane under viaduct. Photo p20 shows derailment south of Papakura Mar 1966 (R.B.Croker) - crane in background.
p32Photo:Dec 1962 Hillside shops (G.W.Emerson) - picture of Eb 27 - crane jib visible at left.
106p121Photo:Aug 1965 Auckland loco depot - coaling crane jib and grab at rest at left.
102p145Photo:Sep 21, 1964 Steam crane with support wagon on old Hamilton railway bridge (W.W.G.Pryce) - removing rails and decking (crane 124?)
101pp115-116Article:'Locomoti ves Derailed Near Opua'. Dg752 and Dg774 derailed about 2 miles from Opua, coming to rest in tidal flats by embankment - temporary track built to enable breakdown cranes to recover locos on Sep 24
98pp110-114Article:'Railway Centenary Display of Locomotives and Rolling Stock at Christchurch'. Notes inclusion of 5 ton hand crane and 40 ton steam crane.
97p103Article:'Collision near Woburn'. Between Woburn and Waterloo. Recovery of Ew 1803 required 2 40 ton cranes over night of Nov 5/6, 1963 (8pm to 4.40am).
96p40Photo:Cobden Quarry, Harbour Board Greymouth - tracked and rail cranes and excavator.
95p24Photo:Apr 1963 New Hamilton Rail Bridge under construction (W.W.G.Pryce) Large derrick? over rails, and mobile crane to one side.
92p67Photo:May 12, 1961 Coaling crane at Southdown freezing works (D.W.Mill) - crane partially obscured by wagon - type?