Literature Review

The following list records the crane, railway, and related books which I have investigated so far in my search for craneinformation. This is not intended as a comprehensive listing of everything I have looked at, but rather records those in which I found something (potentially) useful. For magazines I have investigated see my listings of details from NZ Rails, NZ Railway Observer, and NZ Railfan.

The listing is in three sections. The first section is New Zealand railway books, and notes results of crane details found. (See a fuller NZ railway bibliography here). The second section details my reading on the history of cranes and excavators. (See a fuller crane bibliography here). The third section is other works of relevance (predominantly on engineering).

If the list looks short, I only started this section in December, 2002. You can figure out how many books I have been getting through each month! However, although I'm good at reading, I'm not so good at recording what I've read here - so this list tends to be a bit behind!

This is a work in progress, so if you are aware of something I should read which is not listed, feel free to contact me at treweek@ nz.

NZ Railway Books - Crane and Excavator Books - Other Books

NZ Railway Books

To date I have found nothing comprehensive on cranes here in New Zealand - just snippets of text here and there, and pictures that tend to relate to wreck recovery. While frustrating, it does reinforce that this is a subject niche that needs filling! Please remember that my interest is cranes and not railways in general - I am looking for two main elements - crane details, and background to the environment in which the cranes worked. The list is in date order read.

Crane and Excavator Books

The following listing details my reading on the history of cranes and excavators. As early excavators were often built on crane structures these are of relevance. Information on power shovels is also considered as these are also related.

The listing is alphabetical on first author and gives the book details from a union catalogue. Each book is then classified on its audience or general nature (company history, enthusiast, general interest, technical), some notes on my impressions and then a summary of relevance to my investigations.

Other Books