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Gallery - Eastern Bay of Plenty Rail Scenes

This is a temporary page of non-crane material. The pictures were taken on Saturday July 10, 2004 in response to some comments on the Tranzrailphotographers newsgroup in relation to possible new train movements in this area. This was one week prior to the major floods and earthquake swarm in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

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1) Pekatahi bridge looking east from the road intersection 2) Pekatahi bridge looking east (bigger lens) 3) Pekatahi bridge from abutment looking east
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4) Rail looking west from Pekatahi bridge road-rail intersection - the tracks are quite overgrown. Apparently there has been no weed spraying for a while! 5) Rail looking west from Pekatahi bridge road-rail intersection (bigger lens) 6) Awakeri yard from the level crossing - looking east. The tracks to the left are the start of the private Whakatane Board Mills line. Those to the right go to Taneatua. The tracks do not appear to have been weed sprayed for some time, but the ballast on the Taneatua line looks cleaner further up (as seen from behind the shops). The tracks in the foreground are covered in soil where trucks have been turning off into a driveway.
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7) Awakeri yard looking west from the level crossing. The tracks to the left appear to have received new ballast recently. 8) Awakeri shops looking east - the Whakatane Board Mills line is well overgrown. 9) Awakeri shops looking east - another view.
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10) Whakatane Board Mills line near the White Pine Bush road intersection. (Next to the Awakeri Memorial hall where White Pine Bush road meets the Rotorua-Whakatane highway). The lines are overgrown, and have been sealed over where they cross White Pine Bush road 11) Edgecumbe yard looking east. 12) Edgecumbe yard looking east, from a slightly different angle.

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