Crane related files held by Archives New Zealand:

I visited Archives New Zealand (the National Archive) in Wellington during the period of 9-12 December 2003. On this visit I mainly explored what holdings the Archive, and browsed some files to see what kind of material they held.

The data in this document is broken into three parts. Part 1 is from the archives paper based index. The remainder is edited search results for 'crane' from the GAIMS database. (Probate records, etc have been removed). Part 2 is NZR crane related files. Part 3 is other crane related files found in the GAIMS database. Data was gathered December 10-12, 2003.

Phillip Treweek (Jan 2004)

Part 1 NZR GM files from Archives paper based index (held Wellington).

Vol 1 R314/3790/11Cranes General steam & travelling1892-1947
Vol 1 R314/3859/4Cranes Hamilton1903-1956
Vol 1 2331 R312/13981Pay of Cranedrivers working shipping1899-1921
Vol 1 2331 R312/13982Pay of Cranedrivers working shipping1921-1946
Vol 1 233413/4222/41Cranes: Blenheim1926-1959
Vol 1 238115/34071Cranes: Upper Hutt1915-1954
Vol 1 227801/1711Midland Railway Commission & Report1901-1902
Vol 1 227806/11901Coaling Cranes Westport Wharf1900-1906
Vol 1 227806/11902Coaling Cranes Westport Wharf1907-1929
Vol 1 227806/11903Coaling Cranes Westport Wharf1930-1957
Vol 1 227806/3818/21Cranedriver for Opua1911-1923
Vol 1 227808/22511Cranes - Christchurch Goods1908-1960
Vol 1 227808/23181Crane- Culverden1908-1966
Vol 1 247800/1265/91Cranes - Gore1914-1964
Vol 1 247801/1165Cranes Port Chalmers - Dunedin1883-1958
Vol 1 247801/10891Cranes Rotorua1901-1968
Vol 3 W214140/107110 ton self-Propelling Crane for Christchurch goods yard1940-1972
Vol 3 W214100/17991Hydraulic cranes - Greymouth (& examination of staff)1925-1939
Vol 3 W1728 R1119/9843Steam Cranes, Westport Wharf1937-1942
Vol 3 W214100/17991Hydraulic Cranes - Greymouth Wharf1925-1959
Vol 4 W2383 R1611981Transtainer Cranes 32.5 tonne Wellington Terminal1970-1973
Vol 4 W1722 R30No.1Loco 56 Boiler Register1887-1899
Vol 4 W1722 R30No.2Loco 56 Boiler Register1899-1922
Vol 4 W1722 R30No.3Loco 56 Boiler Register1899-1922
Vol 4 W1722 R30No.4Loco 56 Stationary Boilers1905-1922
Vol 4 W1722 R30No.5Loco 56 Stationary Boilers1914-1922
Vol 4 W2894 R989Lowe, J.H. Pocket Book of Information for Engineers on NZR1893-1893
Vol 4 W2894 R989Com, J.. Pocket Book of Information for Engineers on NZR1904-1904
Vol 4 R1001Maintenance Codes .Wn. Govt Printer1929-1929
Vol 4 R1002Rules & Regulations 1943. Wn. Govt Printer1942-1942
Vol 4 R1004Handbook for Permanent Way Staff in Way & Works Branch 351pp1958-1958
Vol 4 R10020Code of Special Instruction Way & Works Branch 1028pp1964-1964
Vol 5 W2284 R-W2691Cranes & Lifting Appliances1951-1955
Vol 5 W2284 R-W2692Cranes & Lifting Appliances1955-1962


Part 2 NZR crane related files from GAIMS Database index.

Agency Abbreviations:

AAEB:NZR General Manager's Office
W3293=Chief Civil Engineer re. files & subject files (15/-, 16/-, 17/-)
AAJM:NZR/Tranzrail Corporate Office
7483=CME Reg. Correspondence
ABJP:NZR Corporate Support Services
W4908=Central filing from NZR
ABQ1:Dept of Labour - OSH
7035=Official Number Block Allocation files
BABJ:NZR Auckland
14406=Auckland Railway Plans
BAEI:NZR Auckland District Civil Engineer's Office
10003=Auckland Railway Engineer's Correspondence
BBVK:NZR Auckland
14406=Auckland Railway Plans
CABA:MoW Greymouth
CH86=Maps & Plans
CAHL:NZR Greymouth District Engineer's Office
CH9=Registered files DEO Greymouth
CAHV:NZR Railfreight Christchurch Regional Administration
CH77=District Traffic Office files
CH142=Registered files, Terminated leases, Correspondence registers.
CH226=Area Admin. registered files
CH285=DMEO registered files
CH286=District Traffic Manager's Office Registered Files
CAUH:NZR Mechanical Engineer's Office Registered Files
CAVH:NZR Mechanical Engineer's Office Registered files
CH319=Registered files
CAWG:NZR Christchurch
CH523=Area Admin reg. files for Canterbury, West Coast
DABB:NZR District Engineer's Office Dunedin
D70=Subject files, Staff Record book, Audit, Consumables, Office furniture
DABM:NZR Area/District Traffic Manager Dunedin
D71=Subject files, inward correspondence, indexes.
DABU:NZR Hillside
D78=Loco & Crane Repair files
DAFONZR Hillside
D216=Reg. files, Inwards correspondence, Record books, misc.

Files from agencies beginning with A are held in Wellington, B in Auckland, C in Christchurch, and D in Dunedin.

AAEB W3293/14116/3260/141Travelling Crane New Locomotive Depot Wellington1935-1980
AAEB W3293/16917/45921Palmerston North Cranes1899-1979
AAJM 7483 W4926/12304/18494Pneumatic Coaling Cranes1939-1978
AAJM 7483 W4926/7327/5922Breakdown Cranes1935-1941
AAJM 7483 W4926/7427/5923Breakdown Cranes1942-1961
AAJM 7483 W4926/7427/5924Breakdown Cranes1961-1965
AAJM 7483 W4926/7427/5925Breakdown Cranes1965-1977
AAJM 7483 W4926/7427/5926Breakdown Cranes1977-1978
AAJM 7483 W4926/7427/5927Breakdown Cranes1978-1978
AAJM 7483 W4926/7427/5928Breakdown Cranes1978-1979
AAJM 7483 W4926/7527/5929Breakdown Cranes1979-1980
AAJM 7483 W4926/7527/59210Breakdown Cranes1980-1981
AAJM 7483 W4926/7527/59211Breakdown Cranes1981-1982
AAJM 7483 W4926/7527/59212Breakdown Cranes1982-1986
AAJM 7483 W4926/7626/6373Steam Coaling Cranes1935-1939
AAJM 7483 W4926/7626/6374Steam Coaling Cranes1939-1945
AAJM 7483 W4926/7626/6375Steam Coaling Cranes1945-1957
AAJM 7483 W4926/7626/6376Steam Coaling Cranes1958-1977
ABJP W4098/4106/1500/22Dial Type Crane Weighers - General1966-1980
ABJP W4098/4406/814/48Maintenance: Inspections - Shunting Tractors; Forklift Trucks, Mobile Cranes1980-1982
ABJP W4098/4607/1125/12Cranes - General1951-1982
ABJP W4098/4607/1125/23Steam Travelling Cranes - Maintenance Branch1974-1980
ABJP W4098/9414/3790/15Cranes - General1979-1987
ABJP W4098/9414/3790/51Self Propelled Cranes Running on Main Line Unattached to Trains1901-1976
ABJP W4103/3125/2756/17Payment and Classification of Crane Drivers and Mech Appliance Operators1984-1987
BABJ 14406 A681/F10027794Otahuhu - Rail Welding depot - 3-ton Goliath crane -Wiring details1955-1955
BABJ 14406 A681/F10128589Otahuhu - Rail Welding depot - 3-ton Goliath crane - Lifting tackle1956-1956
BABJ 14406 A681/F10429646Otahuhu Workshops - Car Shop Number 1 - Installation of electric cranes - Details on [2 Sheets]1959-1959
BABJ 14406 A681/F10429647Otahuhu Workshops - Car Shop - Number 2 Bogie Shop - Strengthening of crane gantry1959-1959
BABJ 14406 A681/F11010247Mercer Wharf - Fixed steam crane - Roose Shipping Company Limited1927-1927
BABJ 14406 A681/F11728644Mercer - Proposed two ton gantry crane1957-1957
BABJ 14406 A681/F1711150Auckland - New outwards goods yard - Details of Goliath crane [3 sheets]1928-1928
BABJ 14406 A681/F1811793Auckland - Locomotive repair shed - 3-ton hoist crane gantry and locomotive hoist gantry1929-1929
BABJ 14406 A681/F1911980Auckland Locomotive Repair shop - Amended details of 3-ton hoist crane gantry and fixing of over-travelling gear1929-1929
BABJ 14406 A681/F2112230Auckland - Outwards Goods Loading Yard to Goods Shed for various lifts - Relative positions of petrol electric crane1929-1929
BABJ 14406 A681/F2112406Auckland - Proposed two-ton travelling crane for Main Sub-Station1930-1930
BABJ 14406 A681/F2413010Auckland - New inwards goods shed for travelling under sling jib crane1931-1931
BABJ 14406 A681/F2418844Newmarket - Gantry to carry 25 ton crane1925-1925
BABJ 14406 A681/F2501746Newmarket - Travelling crane for permanent way1907-1907
BABJ 14406 A681/F2501746Newmarket - Travelling crane for permanent way store1907-1907
BABJ 14406 A681/F33419953Auckland District - Portable gantry crane1938-1938
BABJ 14406 A681/F33812230Auckland - Outwards Goods Loading Yard to Goods Shed for various lifts - Relative positions of petrol electric crane1929-1929
BABJ 14406 A681/F34922660Mareretu Branch - Derailment of 11 wagons and crane 255 on Train Number 73 at 84M; 44C; 88L on 13.12.441943-1943
BABJ 14406 A681/F3825015Auckland - New Zealand Railway Road Services Garage - Overhaul crane runway1949-1949
BABJ 14406 A681/F4126827Auckland - Extension of Inwards Goods shed - Provision of crane girders1953-1953
BABJ 14406 A681/F4429109Auckland - Outward Goods yard - Proposed crane maintenance and overhaul shelter1958-1958
BABJ 14406 A681/F4429235Auckland Yard - Proposed crane maintenance and overhaul shelter - Supersedes 291091958-1958
BABJ 14406 A681/F4429434Auckland Yard - Proposed crane maintenance and overhaul shelter - Supersedes 29109 and 292351958-1958
BABJ 14406 A681/F9723940Otahuhu Workshops - Crane-way for 1 ton hoist - Number 2 Car Shop19 47-1947
BABJ 14406 A681/F9724150Otahuhu Workshops - Half tone crane for battery charging shop - Details of columns and crane beams1947-1947
BABJ 14406 A681/F9724439Otahuhu Workshops - One ton jib crane for machine shops1948-1948
BABJ 14406 A681/LB17520Newmarket - Proposed site for four-ton Derrick crane1922-1922
BABJ 14406 A681/LB17588Newmarket - Proposed site for Derrick crane (plan adopted)1923-1923
BABJ 14406 A681/LB18692Newmarket Workshops - Erecting shop - Proposed position of pillars for crane-way1925-1925
BABJ 14406 A681/LB19119Newmarket - Gantry to carry 25-ton crane erecting shop1925-1925
BABJ 14406 A681/LB2665Auckland - Foundations for 7 ton cranec.1896-c.1896
BABJ 14406 A681/LB24400Auckland - Sketch showing position of crane and of posts for carrying stays1916-1916
BABJ 14406 A681/LB27092Auckland - Portable hand crane (spare) - Newmarket stores1922-1922
BABJ 14406 A681/LB310510Auckland - New goods shed - Section of 20" x 7 1/2" R.S.J. [rolled steel joist] with crane rail attached1927-1927
BABJ 14406 A681/LB310522Auckland - New goods shed detail showing portion to be cut off channels on crane girders to clear 4" x 1/2" braces1927-1927
BABJ 14406 A681/LB311584Auckland - Slab foundation for 7-ton crane1929-1929
BABJ 14406 A681/LB313877Auckland Locomotive Depot - Rearrangement of sidings to suit grabbing crane1934-1934
BABJ 14406 A681/LB810249Mercer - Site for crane proposed to be leased to Roose Shipping Company Limited1927-1927
BABJ 14406 A681/LB92468Opua - Fracture of ]ib of crane Number 76 - 20 March 19111911-1911
BABJ 14406 A681/MB8027015Otahuhu Workshops - Sidings over which 40-ton crane may run1954-1954
BABJ 14406 A681/P4529768Auckland - Freyberg Wharf - Layout of Western Quay Crane - Rail crossing - Drawing Number E859/1231959-1959
BABJ 14406 A822/F10335638Otahuhu Workshops - Proposed 5-cwt lifting jib to facilitate midway gantry crane repairs1973-1973
BABJ 14406 A822/F10435655New Zealand Railways - Goliath crane configuration and terminal layout1973-1973
BABJ 14406 A822/F12236735Otahuhu Workshops - Blacksmith's shop - Bracing for 1-ton jib crane - Number 2931976-1976
BABJ 14406 A822/F12336809Otahuhu Workshops - Wheel shop - West end jib crane bracing1976-1976
BABJ 14406 A822/F13137116Otahuhu Workshops - Car Shop Number 1 (West end) - Monorail for 2-tonne crane1977-1977
BABJ 14406 A822/F14437812Westfield - Locomotive depot - Proposed relocation of Jib Crane Number 21979-1979
BABJ 14406 A822/F14537847Westfield Diesel repair depot - Alterat ions to services for new travelling crane1979-1979
BABJ 14406 A822/F15639124Auckland District - Crane drivers' accommodation carriage1983-1983
BABJ 14406 A822/F2430214Auckland - Inwards Goods shed - New 1 1/2 ton overhead crane details1960-1960
BABJ 14406 A822/F3230918Otahuhu Workshops - Diesel repair depot - Additional holing for purlins and crane girders1961-1961
BABJ 14406 A822/F3931508New Zealand Railways - General arrangement of wall jib crane - Load 1 ton - Radius 25'- [4 Sheets]1962-1962
BABJ 14406 A822/F7833921Otahuhu - Proposed new gantry crane for Frog Welding depot1968-1968
BABJ 14406 A822/F8434443Auckland Wharves - 30-ton Container transfer crane for Freyberg Rail Grid - Scheme A and B1969-1969
BABJ 14406 A822/P7834000Otahuhu Workshops - Foundation detail for 300-ton wheel press and 2-ton jib crane1969-1969
BABJ 14406 A847/F2030918Otahuhu Workshops - Diesel repair depot - Additional holing for purlins and crane girders1961-1961
BABJ 14406A681/F9723980Otahuhu Workshops - Proposed pits for steam crane and bogie traverser1947-1947
BAEI 10003/102b3163/1Matamata goods shed and crane1954-1972
BAEI 10003/119d4719Helensville goods shed and crane travelling lift1907-1966
BAEI 10003/123e4883Helensville crane1965-1967
BAEI 10003/151b7597Te Hana gantry crane1966-1966
BAEI 10003/167c9061Crane for wharf Mercer Roose Shipping1901-1930
BAEI 10003/199c11509Maungaturoto crane1914-1966
BAEI 10003/199d11518Tuakau crane1914-1965
BAEI 10003/285b20792Otahuhu workshops midway gantry, fixed cranes. monorails, gantries1926-1976
BAEI 10003/296f22186Auckland goods yard - Goliath crane1927-1971
BAEI 10003/302g229081Auckland outwards goods shed, overhead transverse cranes1928-1960
BAEI 10003/314a24379Auckland new inwards goods shed - cranes1930-1976
BAEI 10003/316b24501Waiuku sidings and crane1930-1967
BAEI 10003/331 a273242A 40 ton breakdown crane No.2001957-1973
BAEI 10003/332b278791Steam crane No.2231937-1957
BAEI 10003/332c278792Steam crane No.2231957-1976
BAEI 10003/342d29316Cranes Okaihau1938-1972
BAEI 10003/403d4324140 ton diesel crane No.5001964-1977
BAEI 10003/404c43280Kaukapakapa gantry crane1964-1971
BAEI 10003/408d43687Henderson gantry crane1965-1965
BAEI 10003/76d22383Cranes general1928-1942
BAEI 10003/77a22384Cranes general1942-1957
BAEI 10003/77b22385Cranes general1957-1973
BBVK 14406 A1447/2d2699716Diesel Repair Depot; Crane Girders and Ladder1953-1953
CABA CH86371 LMidland Railway Section - One ton whip crane1905-1905
CABA CH86GR1058Greymouth Harbour works Crane for quarry1878-1878
CABA CH86GR1096Greymouth Harbour works Crane for quarry1879-1879
CABA CH86GR1384Greymouth Harbour works 71/2 ton steam crane[nodate]-[no date]
CABA CH86GR1488Greymouth Harbour works 20 ton steam crane[nodate]-[no date]
CABA CH86GR1674Greymouth Wharf Sketch of coal bins. Diagram of crane[nodate]-[no date]
CABA CH86GR3395Bruce Bay landing Flower Pot Rock and crane arrangements. Proposed tramway, crane and shed. One ton crane - details, platform etc-1915-1916
CABA CH86GR3739Greymouth Harbour Proposed 12 ton hydraulic crane clearance diagram1926 -1926
CABA CH86GR3741Greymouth Harbour 20 ton crane - detail of buffer and coupling hook1926-1926
CABA CH86GR4058Greymouth Harbour Board Cast iron roller track. Andersons 15 ton steam crane1929-1929
CABA CH86GR4336Greymouth Harbour Board - 20 ton crane[no date]-[no date]
CABA CH86GR4453Jib and rope details for steam crane1930-1930
CABA CH86GR632Steadying frames for 12 ton cranes1876-1876
CABA CH86GR83Greymouth Harbour Board Hydraulic cranes - sections and elevations[no date]-[no date]
CAHL CH967/1Cranes and winches1900-1907
CAHL CH967/2Cranes and winches1907-1913
CAHL CH967/2aCranes and winches1913-1914
CAHL CH967/3Cranes and winches1914-1930
CAHL CH967/4Cranes and winches1930-1952
CAHL CH967/5Cranes and winches1953-1969
CAHL CH967/6Cranes and winches1970- 1970
CAHL CH9522/1Crane wharf - Westport1902-1914
CAHL CH9522/2Crane wharf - Westport1915-1927
CAHL CH9522/3Crane wharf - Westport1929-1938
CAHL CH9522/4Crane wharf- Westport1938-1952
CAHL CH9522/5Crane wharf - Westport1953-1956
CAHL CH9522/6Crane wharf - Westport1957-1969
CAHL CH93277/R E Cranston's right to lay tramway and erect crane on railway land at Takutai1920-1954
CAHL CH94001/Greymouth: Cranes on wharf1926-1958
CAHV CH142/Box1025202Coalgate crane1925-1934
CAHV CH142/Box1055603Parnassus crane1929-1939
CAHV CH142/Box1105822Proposal overhead crane1932-1932
CAHV CH142/Box11361437 ton steam crane No.2561944-1960
CAHV CH142/Box11361437 ton steam crane No.2561960-1966
CAHV CH142/Box34481Crane for Waihao Downs1901-1901
CAHV CH211898/1367Extension of Steam Crane Road1898-1912
CAHV CH211941/315/11Goods foremen's office and crane wharf. Westport; and shunters' and porters' room1909-1948
CAHV CH226/Box2642/15Clarence 5 Ton Hand Crane1942-1943
CAHV CH226/Box2748/15Culverden Cranes Gantries Hoists1957-1978
CAHV CH226/Box2963/15Fairlie Crane1928-1961
CAHV CH226/Box3072/15Granity: Cranes1946-1960
CAHV CH226/Box3184/15Hawarden Cranes Gantries and Hoists1967-1974
CAHV CH226/Box3295/15Inangahua Cranes and Gantries1934-1969
CAHV CH226/Box3399/15Kaiapoi Cranes Gantries Hoists1964-1979
CAHV CH226/Box34113/15Kowhai Cranes Gantries and Hoists1976-1978
CAHV CH226/Box34114/15Kumara Crane for Goods Shed1901-1927
CAHV CH226/Box38133/15Methven Cranes Hoist and Gantry1966-1977
CAHV CH226/Box39143/15Ngahere Crane1942-1981
CAHV CH226/Box39153/15Orari Crane1906-1977
CAHV CH226/Box4640/10Returns 1/2 yearly stationary cranes at Stations1964-1975
CAHV CH226/Box4640/11Cranes : Electrical: Tests and Inspection1962-1977
CAHV CH226/Box4640/14Cranes Locomotive 101 Reports1978-1986
CAHV CH226/Box4640/3Cranes1960-1970
CAHV CH226/Box4640/6Mobile Cranes : Accidental Contact with Overhead Power Wires1958-1970
CAHV CH226/Box41162/15Parnassus Cranes Gantries and Hoists1966-1970
CAHV CH226/Box44187/15Ross Cranes1926-1964
CAHV CH226/Box45199/15Seddon Gantry-Cranes1944-1979
CAHV CH226/Box47217/15Studholme Cranes Gantries Hoists1966-1984
CAHV CH226/Box48227/15Temuka Crane1923-1977
CAHV CH226/Box50243/15Waipara Cranes1925-1951
CAHV CH226/Box51247/15Washdyke Cranes Gantries1950-1976
CAHV CH226/Box52249/52Westport Rope Shed on Crane Wharf1960-1960
CAHV CH226/Box52249/53Westport Sheds on Crane Wharf1907-1949
CAHV CH226/Box52249/55Westport Crane Wharf Structure1961-1985
CAHV CH226/Box535080/4/1Christchurch Forkllft and Crane Repair Depot1982-1985
CAHV CH226/Box556870/15Burnside Cranes Gantries and Hoists1959-1963
CAHV CH285/229199Cranes General1948-1952
CAHV CH285/230199Cranes General1962-1965
CAHV CH285/231199Cranes General1957-1962
CAHV CH285/232199Cranes General1952-1957
CAHV CH285/285199/1Mobile Cranes1965-1971
CAHV CH285/88199/2Wharf, Cranes and equipment Greymouth and Westport1953-1960
CAHV CH285/88A199/2Wharf, Cranes and equipment Greymouth and Westport1960-1974
CAHV CH28625/1278Culverden Cranes1912-1978
CAHV CH28643/141/5Kaikoura Cranes1945-1978
CAHV CH28653/240/18Timaru Cranes and Capstans1953-1981
CAHV CH28653/240/4Timaru Crane Road and Loading Bank1940-1984
CAHV CH374/Box1741/57Christchurch Forklift and Crane Repair Depot1970-1980
CAHV CH374/Box1741/57Christchurch Forklift and Crane Repair Depot1980-1982
CAHV CH374/Box1888/15Hokitika Crane1926-1987
CAHV CH374/Box51640/24Crane No. ELS 4048 40 Ton Steam Crane1979-1987
CAHV CH374/Box5[1]640/19Crane No. ELS 709 7 Ton Steam Crane1965-1981
CAHV CH779/15641Crane Amberley1909-1969
CAHV CH7711/549/81Cranes Methven1911-1977
CAHV CH7716/13422Cranes & Cradles Lyttelton1943-1979
CAHV CH7716/3911Crane Rakaia1916-1977
CAHV CH7720/5741Crane Waiau1920-1970
CAHV CH7720/973/11Crane Repair Depot Waltham Yard Christchurch1957-1978
CAHV CH7721/10921Protection of Donkey Engines Winches and Cranes Main Line1921-1966
CAHV CH7723/8001Crane Hawarden1923-1973
CAHV CH7723/8321Crane Sockburn1923-1978
CAHV CH7725/509/84Ransome Rapier Mobile Crane Petone Electric Crane1960-1966
CAHV CH7726/4021Crane Little River1926-1959
CAHV CH7728/8501Cranes & Capstans General Addington Saleyards1928-1960
CAHV CH7729/1156/181Cranes & Capstans Ikamatua1911-1957
CAHV CH7729/1156/471Crane Ikamatua1933-1933
CAHV CH7729/2831Crane Parnassus1966-1970
CAHV CH7729/5093Cranes Instructions & Important1959-1970
CAHV CH7729/985/222Cranes Ross1949-1965
CAHV CH7729/988/191Cranes Hokitika1921-1975
CAHV CH7732/4281Crane Waipara1932-1933
CAHV CH7733/2591Cranes Waikari1913-1950
CAHV CH7736/2161Loading Bank & Outside Crane Mina1936-1964
CAHV CH7741/315/191Cranes Westport1945-1969
CAHV CH7743/263/61Goods Shed Cranes Granity1945-1978
CAHV CH7743/280/41Cranes Picton1945-1971
CAHV CH7753/206/81Crane Orari1921-1977
CAHV CH7753/211/111Crane Washdyke1950-1978
CAHV CH7753/214/51Crane Fairlie1941-1962
CAUH CH319/Box13129/2Crane Repair Depot: (Waltham Yard) and Amenities1973-1982
CAUH CH319/Box141999Cranes - General Fixed and Overhead1968-1981
CAUH CH319/Box1419910Cranes - General Fixed and Overhead1981-1987
CAUH CH319/Box14199/17Mobile Cranes, Tyred and Rail1979-1986
CAWG CH5231640/14Cranes - locomotive 101 reports1987-1989
CAWG CH5231640/15Crane - 15 ton EL [Electronic Lifting] 1520. Greymouth district1963-1985
CAWG CH5231640/16Crane -10 ton diesel EL [Electronic Lifting] 10071972 -1986
CAWG CH5231640/3Cranes - General1978-1989
CAWG CH5231640/5Crane - 40 ton steam ELS [Electronic Lifting System] 40351948-1987
CAWG CH5235000/15Lyttelton - Cranes, gantries, hoists1914-1988
CAWG CH5235052/15Linwood - Cranes, gantries, hoist, mono rail1958-1988
CAWG CH5235080/15Christchurch - Cranes, gantries1971-1989
CAWG CH5235160/15Belfast - Cranes, gantries, hoists1970-1987
CAWG CH5235210/10Rangiora - Cranes, gantries, hoists1967-1984
CAWG CH5235302/15Amberley- Cranes, gantries, hoists1969-1987
CAWG CH5235460/15Kaikoura - Cranes, gantries, hoists1964-1972
CAWG CH5235530/15Blenheim - Cranes, gantries;hoists1958-1977
CAWG CH5235532/15Spring Creek - Cranes, gantries, hoists1971-1987
CAWG CH5235550/15Picton - Cranes, gantries, hoists1966-1984
CAWG CH5235810/15Greymouth - Cranes, gantries; hoists1902-1983
CAWG CH5235880/15Reefton - Cranes, gantries, hoists1950-1976
CAWG CH5235890/15lnangahua - Log loader, cranes, gantries, hoists1931-1985
CAWG CH5235930/15Westport - Cranes, gantries, hoists1915-1989
CAWG CH5235930/15/1Westport - Wharf cranes1978-1986
DABB D70/102l1749915 ton Diesel Crane - Invercargill District1963-1979
DABB D70/18m93/12Oamaru - Cranes1911-1959
DABB D70/28d151/660Hillside - Ten ton Gantry Crane1939-1971
DABB D70/28g151/670Hillside - Gantry Cranes - General1976-1979
DABB D70/31c186Crane Drivers' and Shop Engineman's Hours of Duty; Etc.1907-1980
DABB D70/84r6728Inspection of Cranes, Stationary Hand Cranes - General File1933-1960
DABB D70/88e930340 Ton Steam Crane Number 2021939-1978
DABB D70/88k9352/240Mobile Crane Depot - Proposed Diesel Depot1961-1973
DABB D70/89a9352/240Mobile Crane Depot - E Yard; Dunedin1971-1980
DABM D71/130C09/373/179Cranes and Lift Trucks - Rate on1952-1963
DABM D71/3a00/97Cranes - Dunedin Goods1911-1972
DABM D71/3g00/972Mobile Cranes1960-1972
DABM D71/4a00/972Cranes - General File1951-1970
DABM D71/68d99/975Running of Wagons on Main Line by Maintenance Branch - Self-Propelling Steam Cranes and Pile Drivers1923-1981
DABM D71/69l00/97Overhead Cranes - Oamaru Goods - Mobile Crane1926-1980
DABM D71/69m00/97Cranes - Dunedin Goods1973-1982
DABM D71/69n00/97Crane for Omakau and Cromwell - Crane Wanted at Clyde and Oturehua1970-1982
DABM D71/69o00/97Cranes at Balclutha1925-1973
DABM D71/69p00/97Crane Equipment Alexandra1964-1972
DABM D71/69q00/97Crane - Waipiata1951-1951
DABM D71/69r00/97Crane - Ranfurly1922-1982
DABM D71/69s00/97Cranes - Milton1955-1977
DABM D71/70a00/97Cranes - Lumsden1956-1975
DABM D71/70b00/97Cranes - Invercargill and Bluff1956-1982
DABM D71/70c00/97Proposal to Install Gantry Crane at Otautau - Lindsayand Dixon Limited1978-1981
DABM D71/70d00/97Cranes - Winton1956-1972
DABM D71/70e00/97Hand Crane at Kingston1958-1975
DABM D71/70g00/97/5Gantry Cranes1962-1983
DABM D71/70h00/97/6Travelling Cranes1926-1981
DABM D72/88aj63/219Right to Erect Gantry Crane at Alexandra - Otago Central Electric Power Board1963-1963
DABU D78/4aa141Repair Files - Crane File1949-1952
DABU D78/4ab142Repair Files - Crane File1930-1970
DABU D78/4ac142Repair Files - Crane File1932-1978
DABU D78/4ad149Repair Files - Crane File1953-1956
DABU D78/4ae150Repair Files - Crane File1938-1953
DABU D78/4af155Repair Files - Crane File1931-1953
DABU D78/4ag158Repair Files - Crane File (Marion Steam Shovel)1939-1942
DABU D78/4ah164Repair Files - Crane File (Steam Winch)1949-1949
DABU D78/4ai177Repair Files - Crane File1954-1954
DABU D78/4aj197Repair Files - Crane File1948-1948
DABU D78/4ak199Repair Files - Crane File1939-1972
DABU D78/4al209Repair Files - Crane File (Priestman)1952-1964
DABU D78/4am210Repair Files - Crane File (Priestman)1936-1968
DABU D78/4an211Repair Files - Crane File1945-1964
DABU D78/4ao213Repair Files - Crane File1961-1964
DABU D78/4ap214Repair Files - Crane File1948-1954
DABU D78/4aq225Repair Files - Crane File1938-1970
DABU D78/4ar227Repair Files - Crane File1939-1955
DABU D78/4as256Repair Files - Crane File1936-1966
DABU D78/4at257Repair Files - Crane File1932-1970
DABU D78/4au273Repair Files - Crane File (Pneumatic Coaling)1947-1947
DABU D78/4av295Repair Files - Crane File (Pneumatic Coaling)1945-1945
DABU D78/4aw299Repair Files - Crane File (Pneumatic Coaling)1946-1946
DABU D78/4ax301Repair Files - Crane File (Pneumatic Coaling)1946-1946
DABU D78/4ay302Repair Files - Crane File1947-1947
DABU D78/4az310Repair Files - Crane File1947-1947
DABU D78/4n15Repair Files - Crane File1936-1939
DABU D78/4o16Repair Files - Crane File1945-1945
DABU D78/4p20Repair Files - Crane File (steam winch)1935-1940
DABU D78/4q71Repair Files - Crane File1933-1934
DABU D78/4r85Repair Files - Crane File (steam winch)1948-1948
DABU D78/4s94Repair Files - Crane File1929-1957
DABU D78/4t99Repair Files - Crane File (steam)1929-1950
DABU D78/4u102Repair Files - Crane File1939-1954
DABU D78/4v121Repair Files - Crane File1953-1953
DABU D78/4w125Repair Files - Crane File1944-1958
DABU D78/4x137Repair Files - Crane File1954-1954
DABU D78/4y139Repair Files - Crane File1932-1948
DABU D78/4z140Repair Files - Crane File1940-1940
DABU D78/6hUnregistered Files - General - Bills of Material & Parts Drawings - Pneumatic Coaling Crane[no date]-[no date]


Part 3 Other crane files from GAIMS Database index.

AACT 8044 W5255/f439Hand signal for controlling cranes[no date]-[no date]
AAPR W3304/21L1-86-09Bay of Plenty Harbour Board - Multipurpose Crane - Land Use Plan1977-1977
AAPR W3304/351/2/9/5Northland Harbour Board - Kaituna Barge Facility Portal Crane Support Beam and Details1987-1987
AATJ 569 W4897/10748/0/22/2Mobile Cranes1966-1971
AATJ 6090 W4897/845/4/294/3/11P1Maui Project Cranes & Elevator1974-1978
AAUC W3343/7611/50/24-11Workshop Cranes and Hoists1975-1977
ABKL W4619/14/3245/1Cranes etc - Slewing Jib Dockside Crane (O.No 112538) - Akaroa Wharf1973-1988
ABKL W4619/2641/9/85Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Statistics and Returns - Palmerston North1981-1982
ABKL W4619/2641/9/89Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Statistics and Returns - Palmerston North1987-1988
ABKL W4619/2641/9/91Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Picton District - General File1977-1981
ABKL W4619/2641/9/92Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Picton District - General File1981-1982
ABKL W4619/2641/9/93Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Statistics and Returns - Wellington1982-1984
ABKL W4619/2641/9/94Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Statistics and Returns - Wellington1984-1988
ABKL W4619/2641/9/9Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Picton District - General File1972-1975
ABKL W4619/2641/9/9Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Picton District - General File1975-1977
ABKL W4619/2741/9/101Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1974-1976
ABKL W4619/2741/9/102Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1976-1978
ABKL W4619/2741/9/103Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1978-1981
ABKL W4619/2741/9/104Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1981-1982
ABKL W4619/2741/9/105Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1982-1982
ABKL W4619/2741/9/10Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1969-1971
ABKL W4619/2741/9/10Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1972-1974
ABKL W4619/2741/9/10Boilers. Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1964-1969
ABKL W4619/2741/9/10Boilers. Lifts and Cranes - Nelson District - General Correspondence1971-1972
ABKL W4619/2841/10Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Fatal and Non-Fatal (Cranes, Lifts etc)1971-1974
ABKL W4619/2841/10/15Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Boilers1980-1989
ABKL W4619/2841/10/1Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Boilers (Explosions and Defects)1956-1973
ABKL W4619/2841/10/1Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Boilers1973-1979
ABKL W4619/2841/10/1/74Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Boilers (Includes, Lifts, Cranes etc)1944-1974
ABKL W4619/2841/10/22Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Pressure Vessels1980-1990
ABKL W4619/2841/10/2Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Pressure Vessels1973-1979
ABKL W4619/2841/10/32Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Lifts1979-1992
ABKL W4619/2841/10/3Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Lifts1973-1980
ABKL W4619/2841/10/4 80-822Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes1980-1983
ABKL W4619/2841/10/4Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes (includes Photos and Papers re: Victoria University Accident)1987-1987
ABKL W4619/2841/10/4[Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes]1988-1988
ABKL W4619/2841/40/4 78-79Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes1976-1980
ABKL W4619/2841/9/108Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Statistics and Returns - Nelson1986-1987
ABKL W4619/2941/10/43Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes1982-1991
ABKL W4619/2941/10/4 76-7710Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes1973-1977
ABKL W4619/2941/10/52Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Miscellaneous1980-1991
ABKL W4619/2941/10/5Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Miscellaneous1978-197 9
ABOV W4268/24119/3/26/141Multipurpose Crane - Appeals against NZPA [New Zealand Ports Authority] Decision1977-1978
ABPL 7457 W5011/114/11/34Legislation - Acts and Regulation - Boilers Lifts and Cranes 19501984-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/0/185Boilers Lifts and Cranes - New Plymouth Power Project - General Correspondence1987-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/0/191Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Inspection Reports and Folders 1969-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/0/222Boilers Lifts 81 Cranes - Policy and General - Maui Gas -oand Oilfield Project Land Site Only General Correspondence 1976-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/0/252Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Oaonul Production Station Maui Offshore Platform1977-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/0/313Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Natural Gas Corporation Kapuni Ammonia - Urea Plant1981 -1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/10/111987 Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Boilers (1987) 1987-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1141/10/421987 Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes1987-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/1341/4/14Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Cranes and Lifting Tackle - Power Crane Rules1982-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/541/0/281Boilers; Lifts and Cranes - Policy and general - Research into High Stress Design Codes 1976-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/741/0/353Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Mobil Oil Synthetic Fuel Plant 1985-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/741/0/501Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - McKee Oilfield Project 1983-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/741/10/211987 Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Accidents ~ Pressure vessels1987-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/741/10/211988 Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Pressure Vessels1988-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/741/4/71Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Cranes & Lifting Tackle - Crane Operator Training 1977-1988
ABPL 7457 W5011/741/6/42Boilers. Lifts and Cranes - Other Machinery. Pipes & Fitting - Geothermal Units Rotorua 1986-1988
ABPL 7457 W5157/1541/0/561Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Maui Stage II Development Pressure Vessels - and Piping1988-1989
ABPL 7457 W5157/1541/0/571Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Waste Heat Recovery Plant Auckland1988-1989
ABPL 7457 W5157/1541/0/621Boilers Lifts & Cranes - Policy and General -Engineering Safety - Staff Training1989-1989
ABPL 7457 W5157/1541/10/111988 Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Boilers1988-1989
ABPL 7457 W5157/1541/10/411988 Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Accidents - Cranes1988-1989
ABPL 7457 W5157/1641/0/442Boilers Lifts and Cranes - Policy and General - Petralgas Methano l Plant - Taranaki1983-1989
ABPL 7457 W5222/641/0/102Boilers Lifts and Cranes- Policy and General-Breaches of the Act- General File1970-1990
ABPL 7458 W5219/34/315/269Tikore - [crane barge] - Southland Harbour Board [SHB]1985-1988
ABPL 7458 W5219/61Marangai - MSA 103481 - [crane barge] - [TJ; Wood, Tauranga]1951-1989
ABPL 7458 W5220/7[1]Hikinui - [plans] 100 ton floating crane for Auckland HB [Harbour Board]1960-1961
ABPL 7458 W5220/7[2]Hikinui - [plans] 100 ton floating crane for Auckland HB [Harbour Board]1960-1961
ABPL 7458 W5220/7[3]Hikinui - [plans] 100 ton floating crane for Auckland HB [Harbour Board]1960-1961
ABPL 7458 W5220/8[4]Hikinui - [plans] 100 ton floating crane for Auckland HB [Harbour Board]1960-1962
ABPL 7458 W5220/8[5]Hikinui - [plans] 100 ton floating crane for Auckland HB [Harbour Board]1960-1962
ABPL 7458 W5220/8[6]Hikinui - [plans] 100 ton floating crane for Auckland HB [Harbour Board]1960-1962
ABPL 7467 W5011/1[Investigation into Procedures for Handling and Recording the Drawings and Specifications of Boilers, Lifts & Cranes] [Box File]1974-1974
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 4] Marsden B Power Station Code 12100 - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1975-1976
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 4] Marsden B Power Station Rockwell Valves - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1976-1976
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 4] Marsden B Power Station Rotork - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1976-1976
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 4] Marsden B Power Station WM. Powell Valves (Republic Supply Co of California) - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts; Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1976-1976
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 5] Marsden B Power Station Code 11100, 11200 - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1975-1975
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 5] Marsden B Power Station Code 13100 - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1976-1976
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 5] Marsden B Power Station Lloyds Progress Reports ETS - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1976-1978
ABPL 7467 W5053/1[Lot 5] Marsden B Power Station Malbranque Valves - Marine Department - New Zealand - Lifts, Cranes, Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Air or Gas Receivers1976-1977
ABPL 7619 W5011/1Lifts Cranes and Examinations, New Zealand Marine Department [1 ringbinder of circulars]1955-1986
ABPL7458 W5219/82Hikinui - [crane barge] - Defence Department, Navy, HMNZ Dockyard, Naval Base, Auckland - MSA 1002041969-1990
ABQI 7035 W4584M61/10/2Official numbers - Cranes and Hoists - Register ofc.1939-1990
ARCH 7804 W5093/1384/22Transport Head Office - Registered Files - Boilers, Lifts and Cranes1984-1984
ARCH 7804 W5093/1484/24Transport Head Office - Registered Files - Boilers, Lifts and Cranes1984-1984
BADZ 5586/411aa1950/506Auckland Crane Services Limited1951-1955
BAEA 5181/226822008Shore Cranes Ltd1971-c.1975
BAEA 5181/273124764Crane Hire Ltd1960-c.1979
BAFI 1413/1keCrane moving above ground mine machinery (Extraction hopper unit?) [colour][no date]-[no date]
BAJA 5919/1h1Addis Cranes Ltd1982-1987
BAYT 10357/15921867361South Side Crane Hire Limited1964-1987
BAYT 10357/4601966/4681Hamilton Crane Hire Limited1966-1972
BBAD 1054/2165a8/51/642Defence - Hobsonville air base - Wharf. landing gantry, wharf crane1945-1960
BBAD 1054/2166b8/51/641Defence - Hobsonville air base - Wharf, landing gantry, wharf crane1940-1945
BBAD 1054/261c92/12/73/40/54Power Generation and Transmission - Aviemore Project - Goliath crane1967-1968
BBAD 1054/262b92/12/73/40/51Power Generation and Transmission - Aviemore Project - Goliath crane1965-1965
BBAD 1054/262c92/12/73/40/52Power Generation and Transmission - Aviemore Project - Goliath crane1966-1966
BBAD 1054/263a92/12/73/40/53Power Generation and Transmission - Aviemore Project - Goliath crane1966-1967
BBAD 1054/2975d8/13/102/11Defence - Devonport Naval Base - Gunnery equipment shop Cranes1957-1964
BBAD 1054/2983c8/51/643Defence - Royal New Zealand Air Force Hobsonville -Landing gantry, wharf, crane and slipway1961-1972
BBAD 1054/967b26/571Workmen - Crane drivers, heavy tractor drivers1960-1966
BBFY 1054/4165b8/13/11/42Defence - Devonport Naval Base - Calliope South Wharf crane1986-1987
BBFY 1054/4166a8/13/11/43Defence - Devonport Naval Base - Calliope South Wharf crane1987-1992
BBFY 1054/4168b8/13/76Defence - Crane rail repair investigation1986-1981
BCCD 1510/180c33/MDNCranes, Gantries, Lifts, Loose Tools - Marsden1966-1973
BCCD 1510/181a33/MER1Cranes, Gantries, Workshop Appliances, Loose Tools etc - Meremere1956-1959
BCCD 1510/181b33/MER2Cranes, Gantries, Workshop Appliances, Loose Tools etc - Meremere1959-1961
BCCD 1510/181c33/MER3Cranes, Gantries, Workshop Appliances, Loose Tools etc - Meremere1962-1973
BCCD 1510/182a33/OTACranes, Gantries, Traverser Trucks, Workshop Appliances and Loose Tools - Otahuhu1946-1973
BCCD 1510/182b33/2/OTACranes, Gantries etc - Gas Turbine Station Otahuhu1966-1968
CAHI CH15341/0/11Boilers. Lifts and Cranes - Transfers of boilers, pressure vessels, lifts and cranes1973-1976
CAHI CH15341/0/12Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Transfers of boilers, pressure vessels, lifts and cranes1976-1977
CAHI CH15341/12/22Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Cranes and lifting tackle. Cranes: Overhead and mobile1960-1976
CAHI CH15341/12/41Boilers, Lifts and Cranes - Cranes and lifting tackle. Cranes: Tower1971-1975
CAHI CH153Box 57Individual Ship File - Floating Crane Rapaki1926-1948
CAHI CH316/10Boilers lifts and cranes. General correspondence1961-1965
CAHI CH316/9Boilers, pressure vessels, lifts; cranes; transfers and sales1967-1969
CAHI CH337/4Breaches of Boilers. Lifts and Cranes Act1973-1975
CAHI CH337/5Prosecutions - Under Boilers Lift and Crane Act1973-1976
CAHI CH341/0/11Boiler lifts and cranes transfer1970-1971
CAHI CH341/0/10Inspections under Boiler, Lift and Cranes Act 19501972-1974
CAHI CH341/0/14Inspections under Boiler Lift and Crane Act 1950 - Policy and general1975-1975
CAHI CH341/0/4Lifts and cranes1960-1971
CAHI CH341/101Boilers, lifts and cranes - Lifting gear - General1959-1976
CAHI CH341/10/3HIAB [Hydrauliska Industri AB] Loaders (Cranes)1965-1973
CAHI CH341/12Cranes and lifting tackle cranes1955-1977
CAHI CH341/12/31Cranes: Ministry of Works1963-1974
CAHI CH341/12/51Cranes: Timaru - General1971-1977
CAHI CH341/12/8Cranes: Westland, Invercargill, Dunedin1976-1976
CAIM CH87/127Buller Coalfield - Granity Creek - Westport Coal Company. Hydraulic Relief Valves, Granity Creek Hydraulic Crane - Plan, MS Paper, 3/22 - Scale full size1896-1896
CAIM CH87/138Buller Coalfield - Granity - Westport Coal Company, Hydraulic, Relief Valves, Granity Creek, Hydraulic Crane, Plan, Linen Tracing, 3/22 - Scale full size[no date]-[no date]
CAIM CH87/147Buller Coalfield ~ Westport Coal Company - Hydraulic Crane with Auxiliary Hydraulic Intensifier for Loads up to 3 1/2 tons - Plan, Linen Tracing, 3/81 - Scales various[nodate]-[no date]
CAIM CH87/167Buller Coalfield - Hydraulic Crane Working Cylinder, Piston and Rod - Plan, Linen Tracing, 3/55 - Scale 1 inch to 1 foot[nodate]-[no date]
CAIM CH87/174Buller Coalfield - Granity Creek - Westport Coal Company - 3 1/2 ton crane Granity Creek - Plan, Linen Tracing, 3/62 - Scale 1/3 size [also MS Paper 3/62][no date]-[no date]
CAIM CH87/175Buller Coalfield - Westport Coal Company - Hydraulic Crane with Auxiliary Hydraulic Intensifier for Loads up to 3 1/2 tons - Plan, MS Paper, 3/63 - Scales various1895-1895
CAIM CH87/33[Buller Coalfield] - Hand Overhead Travelling Crane. Type G. 40 feet 9 inches span. To Lift 5 tons by Herbert Morris Limited, England - Plan, Paper Litho, 3/114 - Scale not shown1918-1918
CAIM CH87/472Buller Coalfield - Granity Creek - Hydraulic Relief Valves. Granity Creek. Hydraulic Crane - Plan. MS Paper, 3/22 - Scale full size[nodate]-[no date]
CAKC CH151[124]Particulars Of Water Levels And Crane [2 Copies]1925-1925
CAKC CH151[61]Westport Crane Wharf. Depth Of Ground At Front And Back Of Wharf With Cross Sections Of Wharf [Sheets No.1-4] G-15291912-1912
CAKC CH151[62]Westport Crane Wharf. Subsidences At Back Sheeting 15501913-1913
CAKC CH151[63]Ties For Crane Wharf Extension- G 17011916-1916
CAKC CH151[64]Proposed Alignment Of Crane Wharf Extension 2/431916-1916
CAKC CH151[65]Crane Wharf Extension; Plan Showing Position Of Pegs. 2/11[no date]-[no date]
CAKC CH151[66]Crane Wharf Extension; Plan Of Lie Backs G-902[no date]-[no date]
CAKC CH151[67][Untitled; Proposed Extension Of Crane Wharf][no date]-[no date]
CAKC CH151[84]Section Of Crane Wharf G.15561913-1913
CAKC CH151[85]Alignment Of Crane Wharf Extension. 2/101916-1916
CAKC CH151[86]Westport Wharf Outer End Of Crane Wharf. 30391927-1927
CAKC CH151[87]Coal Handling Wharf (Crane Wharf) Diagram Of Pile Inspections- Sheet 2 Of 4 Sheets [2 Copies]1952-1952
CAKC CH151[88]Crane Wharf Showing Bays 131-166. Wpt 14921961-1961
CAKC CH151[89]Floating Basin Wharf Showing Connections With Crane Wharf. Drawing No.3. 1/3[no date]-[no date]
CAKC CH151[93]Sketch Showing Junction Of Crane Wharf And Coal Staiths. G.14511912-1912
CAKC CH488/10avWestport Harbour Board (Crane wharf) - Diagram of pile inspections1952-1952
CALW CH168/Box7Photographic Collection - 186. Gantry and crane with pre-stressing bed - Burnett's Motors Limited Ashburton1963-1963
CASV CH254/Box1213/170/1Accident Causes (Machinery) - Lifting and Conveying Machines - Cranes1966-1982
CASV CH254/Box1313/250/8Accident Causes (Non-Machinery) - Electricity - Mobile Trucks, Cranes, etc1968-1988
CASV CH254/Box712/170/1Machinery Act 1950 - Lifting and Conveying Equipment and Machines - Cranes1977-1987
CAUD 12454 CH932/4aGR8830State Highway 6 Accident to crane [31.3.1976]1976-1976
CAVX 2912 CH588/Box22034/8 AlphaTitan Cranes1985-1985
CAYE 3056 CH678/67h[Contract - Section 19 - Travelling crane] - 1912-131912-1913
CBAT 3310 CH801/183a3873East Christchurch Cranes Ltd (3 Files) - Liquidation file1991-1993
CCAK CCH151[393][Untitled] [Crane Wharf And Environs][no date]-[no date]
DADE D206/111bD456Warehouse Crane - Public Works Dunedin1878-1878
DADE D206/59aD257Half Ton Coal Crane[no date]-[no date]
DAFO D216/5e386/1Mobile Cranes - Steam Cranes - Battery and Forklift trucks1976-1982
DAIM 9143 D339/214g2617Clyde Crane & Excavator Hire Limited [IN 158244]1981-1992
DAIM 9143 D339/47c568Crane Services Limited1957-1969